@dave Everybody´s Booooost!!! Hola amigo, hablo español, jajajaja.


@dave @adam @Meremortals Oh, thanks for the mention, im so proud of your work and am a evangelist of P2.0 for latinoamerican people. BTW Boost is IMPULSO in Spanish.

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@dave Hey Dave I created some jingles but I can't find where you need to post them. Is it on the Podcast Namespace github or did Able Kirby have it elsewhere?

@dave Only problem with mastodon is the search. I'm looking for the link for Boost Bait but I can't find it anywhere.

@Meremortals I suggested to @dave that these should be in the Podcast Index github. But they're here, thank to @ablekirby - github.com/ablekirby/BoostBait

@jamescridland @Meremortals @ablekirby I’ll pull them in. Fell off the mental to-do list. That’s why physical to-do lists are better, which I have now. 😊

@dave Could you add the 3 I posted above Dave. I just created a github account and tried to upload but it says "File uploads require push access to this repository.

@Meremortals @dave Hosting a bunch of mp3 files on github is... not the expected way to use the service, but I'm going to keep it going until they stop me 😂

Added. Impulso!


@ablekirby haha nice, always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. It's for a worthy cause anyway. Just flash your Podcasting 2.0 Certified badge if they give you trouble 😎

@adam @robert @dave @adam@noagendasocial.com @Meremortals in my neck of the woods in Spanish we would probably have used "gas" as in "dale gas" for what I imagine with "boost!" as in nitro boost. Lots of different words to deliver that oomph

@Ben @adam@podcastindex.social @dave @adam@noagendasocial.com @Meremortals GAS tiene definiciones diferentes en cada país. En mi país es un "pedo". So, no, mejor impulso, jajaja.

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